the fringe

the GMG English Drama Group

Director: Hans-Dieter Scholz, StD

Director’s assistents: Levke Thomas und Anna Chugunova

Stage manager: Melina Zeidler

Treasurer: Anna Chugunova

After twenty-eight years of 45 successful productions, the GMG English Drama Group the fringe (founded 1996) is now an established group within the Bayreuth amateur theatres and in its 29th glorious year.
Every year, the group presents a new long play by an English-speaking author in the weeks immediately before Easter. It is the only secondary school English Drama Group in Bavaria that does so annually and which has taken its productions elsewhere, too, e.g. the Willstätter-Gymnasium in Nürnberg, the MGF in Kulmbach, and the Helene-Lange-Gymnasium in Fürth. Since 2006, the fringe has participated regularly in the “Bayreuther Schultheatertage”.

from our recent past: